The position for Executive Director of Rail Solution is being advertised on various social media.  Members and friends of Rail Solution can help by bringing this to the attention of their contacts.

Here is the position announcement:

Executive Director of Rail Solution

Summary Position Description

Rail Solution, a 501(c)(3) organization chartered in Virginia, is seeking full-time executive director to lead the advancement of the next stage in achieving its mission- the modernization of the railroad system in North America.  Building on the accomplishments of Rail Solution and the concepts it has developed, the executive director will be expected to obtain support throughout North America for implementation of the Steel Interstate System, a multi-tracked high-capacity rail system for both freight and passenger traffic.  The executive director will be expected to lead an effort to determine the various ways that the Steel Interstate System can be financed, emphasizing private-public partnerships in cooperation with the industry and government.  The executive director will contribute to the development of the Steel Interstate concept and its application, cultivate contacts and stakeholders in various sectors, and manage a media program for the concepts and ideas.  The executive director will cultivate, grow, and activate membership in Rail Solution and the North American Steel Interstate Coalition.  The executive director, who will start with modest salary, will be expected to become self-supporting through grants and expanded fundraising.

Interested persons can obtain more information at this web address:

Review the Steel Interstate System concept at this web address:

Interested parties should contact the current Executive Director David Foster at to arrange to submit a letter detailing interest, a resumé, and arrange an interview.

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