RAIL Solution Mission:

To promote the establishment of a North American Steel Interstate System, an upgraded core network of North American railways, operated for profit by private enterprise, with grade-separated, multi-tracked, electrified infrastructure that achieves highway competitive speeds and significantly increases the reliability, accessibility, and capacity for moving freight and passengers, and that strengthens the economy and protects the environment by creating an oil free, safe, efficient, cost effective, low impact, intermodal backbone of the transportation system.

RAIL Solution Goals:

  1. Develop, refine, and communicate the Steel Interstate concept;
  2. Promote an operating demonstration of the concept in an appropriate corridor such as the I-81/I-40 Corridor linking the Northeast and Mid-South;
  3. Establish the North American Steel Interstate Coalition – a combination of   industry, developers, supporters and rail transportation customers; and
  4. Encourage innovative partnerships between the public sector and the American railroad industry to identify private and public sources of capital, as necessary and appropriate, to invest in rail infrastructure upgrades that are sufficient to significantly reduce costly highway expansion, maintenance, and congestion.







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