RAIL Solution Goals for 2014


  1. Improve, update, and redistribute our promotional literature and revise our website to reflect new Corridor pilot project endpoints of Harrisburg, PA to Memphis, TN.
  2. Improve and nurture communication and coordination of our efforts with other like-minded organizations and publications.
  3. Adopt plans to recruit public and organizational support from Harrisonburg, VA to Harrisburg, PA and from Bristol, VA to Memphis, TN and to extend resolutions of local support for a pilot Steel Interstate project in the I-81/I-40 Corridor from logistics companies, shipping customers, and local government and regional planning authorities.
  4. Develop an itemized budget and fundraising plan and implement a full-time administrative staff.


  1. Work with other Regional Initiatives to plan a founding congress of the North American Steel Interstate Coalition (NASIC) and to procure adequate funding.
    1. Increase Regional Initiatives (regional NASIC partners).
    2. Add NASIC sponsoring/affiliating organizations – developing and extending partnerships with national environmental and smart transportation organizations and other national groups.
    3. Create a detailed budget for NASIC organizing and pursue funding.
  2. Continue to advocate for an I-81/I-40 Corridor open intermodal rail strategy that goes beyond Crescent Corridor, which, because it is a double-stack container initiative, does little to actually divert the heavy flow of through trucks now afflicting I-81/I-40.
  3. Monitor closely the development of the new Transportation Reauthorization Act, and work to include a demonstration grant for the Steel Interstate, as well as other rail-friendly provisions to the maximum extent possible.
  4. Pursue an aggressive communications campaign with elected officials and the Obama Administration staff, and Norfolk Southern to promote the Steel Interstate concept, piggybacking on the renewed interest in rail funding by both government and environmental groups.
  5. Create and widely distribute a media promotion about the Steel Interstate and create a detailed budget for the media project and pursue funding.














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