Dick Beadles is a former president of the Richmond, Fredricksburg & Potomac Railroad.  That’s decades ago, and he’s long retired.  But he has a reputation in the rail community of being a creative thinker and a solid advocate for rail, though often something of a curmudgeon   Several years ago he took to writing a monthly column about rail subjects of current interest.

It’s not published anywhere, and isn’t really a blog.  He just e-mails it to dozens of people he knows, mostly current or past industry leaders and followers.

His e-mail piece for December, “Virginia Rail Observations & Commentary,” released today, is entitled “Has Rail Solution got the solution?” In it he says, “All of this is relevant to the advocacy work of the folks at RAIL Solution, and their proposal for a public effort to dramatically transform the rail alternative to I-81 and other Virginia Interstates.


See attached (PDF)


Mr. Beadle has a blog at the Virginia Rail Policy Institute.
Go to his Blog here.



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