Senator Mark Warner (D-VA)

Senator Mark Warner (D-VA)

Aug. 23, 2013

Apparently Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) would like to get more trucks off of Interstate I-81 and on to the parallel railroad.

Senator Warner was in Roanoke recently and, among other business Warner met with Norfolk Southern workers.   According to the Roanoke Times, “Warner fielded a series of tough questions on coal, the decline of manufacturing and what he planned to do with his new post as chairman of the Senate subcommittee that focuses on railroads and surface transportation.”

The Roanoke Times reported that “he’d work to try to shift cargo from taxpayer-funded highways to railroads.”

“If you get more trucks off the road, they’ll last longer,” he said. “Less traffic would help … we all say a prayer before we get onto (Interstate) 81 now.”

Read the article here.

RAIL Solution has been advocating for years the modernization of the Valley Corridor of the Norfolk Southern as a means of attracting a large number of trucks to the railroad.

Read about our proposal for making the Valley Corridor a demonstration for the Steel Interstate.

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