Government Action Wednesday evening, October 9, 2013, Virginia State Senator John Edwards, a long-time rail advocate, held another of his Town Hall Meetings to discuss passenger rail service to Roanoke.  The session was held in the theater of the O.… Continue reading

It appears that Rep. Duncan (R-TN), chair of the House Panel on Freight Transportation, agrees that it is the goal of almost everyone in transportation to emphasize rail and water transportation “a bit more,”  as reported by the DC.… Continue reading

Virginia Rail passenger route
from Richmond to Bristol

PRail Bristol


The Bristol Herald Courier reports that the Virginia Statewide Rail Plan
could include route from Richmond through Lynchburg, Roanoke and end in Bristol.


Read… Continue reading

CapDomeThe Freight Panel of the House of Representatives is having its next hearing Friday, July 26 in New York City.

We have not heard if there will be any more hearings.





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May 13, 2013

US Capitol BuildingRAIL Solution submitted testimony to the House of Representatives special Panel on 21st Century Freight Transportation headed by Congressman John Duncan (R-TN 2nd) to promote the Steel Interstate concept as an essential part of the… Continue reading

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