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With new Governor Terry McAuliffe, several changes have been made in the Virginia transportation agencies’ leadership.

The new Secretary of Transportation is Aubrey Layne.

John Malbon was appointed to the Commonwealth Transportation Board and Charles Kilpatrick was appointed as a Department of Transportation Commissioner.

Jennifer Mitchell has been appointed as Director of the Department of Rail and Public Transportation.

J. Douglas Koelemay is the new director of the Commonwealth’s Office of Transportation Public-Private Partnerships (OTP3).

The 2014 Commonwealth Transportation Board looks like this.


RAIL Solution Executive Director Dave Foster along with Board members Michael Testerman and Barbara Walsh had an introductory meeting on February 25 with Secretary of Transportation Aubrey Layne, DRPT Director Jennifer Mitchell, and the Director of the Office of Transportation Public-Private Partnerships (OTP3) Doug Koelemay.

We presented the background history of RAIL Solution, explained the focus of our work on freight and multimodal planning, said we were excited about the prospects of being able to work with the new staff for the next four years, and addressed their questions. We are hopeful that we will be able to continue to work with these people and others in the Virginia transportation agencies as they consider transportation policy.

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